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Why our Mirror Photo Booth?

S&M Photo Booth... 

Proudly serving the Central Florida area by specializing in Premium Photo Booth rentals for a variety of occasions including corporate events, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more! We offer the latest in Photo Booth technology including the highly interactive Mirror Photo Booth, ensuring your next major event is a memorable one.

Your guests will stand in front of a magical mirror with extraordinary colorful animations that will appear on the mirror inviting them to touch and start their photo favor journey. As your guests are taking their pictures, the mirror kindly gives the guests compliments and leads them through with fun animations. For those looking for a background to complement their magic Mirror Photo Booth, we provide an assortment of themes and textures of your choosing when renting our booth. This service comes with the customization options you can expect with any high-quality photo booth rental. 

Select S&M Photo Booth for your next major event and create memories and moments to last a lifetime!

S&M Photo Booth has the ability to create amazing photo strips for your event. We customize your photos according to your event and match your colors, theme, monogram, etc. Your guests will be amazed by this great gesture they can take home with them the night of your event. 

S&M Photo Booth will also provide a table full of different types of props for your guests to take funny pictures with, if they like (funky hats, big sunglasses, signs, etc). 

You also receive a Scrapbook with our package deal or as an add-on! The scrapbook can elevate the idea of having a photo booth at your event from "great" to "extraordinary". It makes a wonderful memento for those being celebrated. We give all of the guests a set of prints when they have completed their pictures while one of the copies goes into your scrapbook where the guest can sign or leave messages next to their picture. They get a full interactive experience and you get a photo album of all of the shots taken of the guests to keep with a personalized template including the name of the event along with the date. 

Our Mirror Photo Booth

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